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Substitute one word (or a pattern) for another through a whole file from the command line

Spell check a file from the command line

Compare files, “accept/reject” (like in Word) and merge changes, with diff and patch

Show word count of a text file (with the command line)

A guide to simple and stupid usage of computers for writers (anyone who writes really)

Start using vim

Start using (the programme) “less” to display files

Start using Pandoc

Set Vim as the default text editor for Mutt

A mutt configuration file (muttrc) for Proton mail (with bridge)

Show word count in vim

Learn to use the command-line interface (cli)

Remove file id extension from file name when downloading with youtube-dl

Download mp3 track (only) from YouTube with youtube-dl

Copy the content of a file to the clipboard from the command line

Change the expiration date (time) of a gpg subkey

Download mp3 files from a webpage with wget

Check package availability in the repository of a GNU/Linux’s distribution from the command-line

Show the time of other time zones from the command line

Merge multiple pdf files into one pdf file without installing another programme

Restore your data from backup with the programme Back in Time

Back up your computer (/home) on an external drive with the programme Back in Time

Switch from nano to vim as default editor in the shell

Make pandoc file conversion faster

Git asks for password each time I “git push”. Solution: caching credentials with git

Convert an HTML file into an EPUB file with Pandoc

Follow a YouTube channel with RSS (without a Google/YouTube account)

Mac Terminal command-line interface (CLI) cheatsheet

A roadmap to reclaiming my attention and time

Follow websites or blogs you like with a RSS reader

git - remote: Invalid username or password. fatal: Authentication failed for [remote’s URL]

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