This website is about keeping personal computing simple.

I use to be hooked to a plethora of mobile apps, clouds, and a smartphone.

This was consuming too much of my time, attention, etc.

This was in 2017.

Since then, I got rid of my smartphone and have been trying to figure how to do personal computing sanely.

I have been documenting this transition on a log.

My motivation for starting this weblog is to steer the conversation away from the idea that there is no alternative”, it’s too late” et cetera, which is also what my full time work is about.

I do research, mostly drawing from philosophical works, to try to figure out concepts and frameworks to critique digital technologies; to critique’ meaning to sieve through to improve (not to blame or reject).

To give you an idea of what this is about: one of the axioms of my work is the idea that usage of technologies is both, progress” and regression, good” and bad”, etc.; actually: that both effects” are intertwined, like the poison and the remedy of a drug.
It is not possible to take a drug as a remedy and not take the poison, both are intertwined. Therefore, instead of adopting technologies unquestionably (or rejecting adoption), we might want to think about how we use technologies (not just whether).

If you have questions, thoughts, or want to discuss the above feel free to email me at: yctct at yctct dot com

If you want to receive an email when the book is our, send an email to book at yctct dot com (I’ll reply to your email when the book is available).

Also, I put together: A guide to simple and stupid usage of computers for writers (anyone who writes really) under a BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

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