As far as I can remember: I had my first encounter with the internet in the early 2000s (maybe late 90s); with Instant Messaging and peer-to-peer networks. Back then, I had a computer running Windows, only for a few years though. When I started moving places, I left my desktop computer behind and I relied on the (public) computers of libraries, travelling along with a USB stick as my drive. In 2009 I purchased a Macbook. A couple of years later I had my first stint in a software company. That kept me busy for a few years.

In 2019 I quit working for the development of proprietary software.

In 2020 I switched back to a dumb phone.

In 2021 I traded my Macbook for an old laptop running the operating system Trisquel GNU/Linux.

Now, I do research, mostly drawing from philosophical works, to try to figure out concepts, or a framework, to critique digital technologies; to critique’ meaning to sieve through to improve (not to blame or reject).

To give you an idea of what this is about: the underlying axiom of my work is the idea that usage of technologies is both, progress and regression, good” and bad”, etc., like drugs. Therefore, instead of adopting technologies unquestionably (or rejecting their adoption), there should be a space to discuss and raise questions about usage, adoption, implementation, etc.

I plan to publish a book.

You can reach me at yctct at domain name

If you want to receive an email when the book is published, send an email to book at yctct dot com - I’ll reply when the book is out.

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