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Pass sdcv’s output to less

Create a contingency table (a.k.a. cross tabulation) with Datamash

Set up msmtp to queue sent emails offline

Highlight current date with Cal (cli)

Find and connect to WiFi networks from the command line

Show decimal numbers with bc

Turn a pad into a website

Change margins when producing pdf files with Pandoc

Display JPEG attachment in Mutt

Remove all git files from a local repository

Guidelines for password management for small and medium organisations

Modify permission to make a Bash script file executable

Count number of page(s) of one or multiple pdf files

Remove pages from a pdf file from the command line

Create and populate a file from the command line with cat

Display a .csv file as a table in the terminal

Convert a .ods file to a .csv file from the command line

Send an email from the command line with msmtp

Remove a specific range of files at once from the command line

Produce PDF with 2 pages per sheet from 1 page per sheet from the command line

Show changes (diff) that are staged

Add a second email account to your Mutt, msmtp, mbsync configuration

Resize an image on the command line

Unzip (decompress) and extract files from a .tar.gz file

Remove page numbers when producing a .pdf file using Pandoc

View PDF attachments as text in Mutt

Downloads all your emails from ProtonMail with mbsync

Commit only partial changes of a file

Checkout partial changes of a file interactively

Check for existing SSH keys

List available fonts on a system from the command line

Copy a file from your local machine to a remote server

Indent multiple lines in Vim

Show file permissions on the command line

Append text at the end of a line with Sed

Grep multiple patterns (words) occuring at the beginning of a line

Grep multiple patterns

Renew LetsEncrypt certificates and set up auto-renew with cron

Multiply field’s (column’s) entries and sum them up with awk

Sum values per group (of a text/data file) from the command line with Datamash

Memo to change permissions in absolute modes with chmod

You don’t need new apps (or to search the web) to get things done

Convert a file to .ogg from .flac from the command line with ffmpeg

Show SSH’s key fingerprint

Part 2: Connect to shared server (VPS) using SSH

Show the release (“version”) of the kernel on GNU/Linux

The caps lock behaviour is reversed on GNU/Linux

Automatically indent HTML tags in Vim

Add a new website to a server running nginx, LetsEncrypt HTTPS and Certbot

Backup /etc/letsencrypt directory with rsync from remote server to local machine

Prepend multiple files with a pattern with the command line

Switch default browser from the command line

View content of a tar.gz archive without extracting

Compress multiple directories (folders) with gzip

My .muttrc file

Start using Mutt: a setup with GPG, mbsync, msmtp and notmuch

Change the email address git uses

Set up your own webserver (& webpage) with nginx, LetsEncrypt and Certbot

Remove “Save in password manager” option in GPG pinentry

Uncomment a line with sed (i.e. delete #)

Change the time zone used by date on GNU/Linux

Set up a VPS with Trisquel GNU/Linux NetInstall

[Solved] Permission denied (publickey,password) with correct password

Change root password on GNU/Linux

Undelete a message in Mutt

Show size of a file or a directory from the command line

Show the keyID of subkeys

Show or export GPG public key

Error “E212: Can’t open file for writing” in Vim

Show the key ID of key used to encrypt

Create and store email aliases for Mutt

Append multiple lines at the end of a file with cat

Send an email from the command line with Mutt

Justify text in Vim

Set Mutt to store deleted messages in the trash folder

Compute your bike itinerary locally with bbbike

Check whether a package is installed on GNU/Linux

Check whether a package is availabile in the repository of a GNU/Linux’s distribution

Undo the last local commit

Remove a file from the last commit

Pass the output of the last command as an argument to the next

Mutt: store passwords encrypted with GPG

Exclude files and directories when listing with ls

Find out the license of a programme locally

List directories (folders) only with ls

Show lines below and/or above a match with grep

My current Vim mnemonic sheet

Shortcuts to edit on the command line

Create a permanent alias for a command

Edit and reexecute a command from the shell history

Open all grepped files in vim

Count the number of files grepped with wc

Find files created or modified in the last days

Move (copy) files or folders printed by find

Count the number of files in a folder with wc

Display the amount of disk space available

Encrypt and decrypt a directory with a symmetric cipher using a passphrase with gpgtar

Edit the message of the last commit

Copy a command from the shell history to a file

Copy a command from the shell history to the clipboard

Merge pdf files freely without installing another programme with pdfunite

Convert a pdf to a text file from the command line

Check the version a GNU/Linux distribution from the command line

Search multiple files for an expression (e.g. a keyword) with grep

Create, edit and delete git alias

Commands and shortcuts I use the most in the Shell (the Terminal)

You don’t need a new app for your Zettelkasten

Show local time for a given time and date of a different time zone

Find out what takes up disk space on your computer

Squash (combine, merge) git commits together

Generate a table of contents on a pdf document compiled with Pandoc

Increase the font size of a pdf document compiled with Pandoc

Add today’s date automatically when converting a Markdown file to pdf with Pandoc

Show word count with Pandoc and a lua script

Show paragraph count on pdf document compiled with Pandoc

Rename multiple files from the command line

Copy, move or delete recently modified or downloaded files

Find files or directories from the command-line with find

You don’t need a new app to run a tagging system on your files: use the programme grep

Replace all occurences of a word in one or many files from the command line with sed

Spellcheck a file in the shell (terminal)

Compare files, “accept/reject” (like in Word) and merge changes, with diff and patch

.vimrc file of a writer (not a programmer)

Show word count of a text file from the command line with wc or pandoc & lua

Start using (the programme) “less” to display files

Remove file id extension from file name when downloading with youtube-dl

Download mp3 audio track only (no video) from YouTube with youtube-dl

Copy the content of a file to the clipboard from the command line

Show the time of other time zones from the command line

Restore your data from backup with the programme Back in Time

Back up your computer (/home) on an external drive with the programme Back in Time

Switch from nano to vim as default editor in the shell

Convert an HTML webpage into an EPUB file with Pandoc

A roadmap to reclaiming my attention and time

Follow websites or blogs you like with a RSS reader

Add newly made modifications to the last commit

Add a forgotten file to the last commit

Edit the message of the last commit

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