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Uncomment a line with sed (i.e. delete #)

[Solved] Permission denied (publickey,password) with correct password

Change root password on GNU/Linux

Undelete a message in Mutt

Show size of a file or a directory from the command line

Show the keyID of subkeys

Show or export GPG public key

Error “E212: Can’t open file for writing” in Vim

Show the key ID of key used to encrypt

Create and store email aliases for Mutt

Append multiple lines at the end of a file with cat

Add multiple lines to a new file with cat

Set up your own instance of Jitsi

Send an email from the command line with Mutt

Justify text in Vim

Set Mutt to store deleted messages in the trash folder

Compute your bike itinerary locally with bbbike

Check whether a package is installed on GNU/Linux

Check whether a package is availabile in the repository of a GNU/Linux’s distribution

Undo the last local commit

Remove a file from the last commit

Pass the output of the last command as an argument to the next

Mutt: store passwords encrypted with GPG

Exclude files and directories when listing with ls

Find out the license of a programme locally

List directories (folders) with ls

Show lines below and/or above a match with grep

My current Vim mnemonic sheet

Shortcuts to edit on the command line

Create a permanent alias for a command

Edit and reexecute a command from the shell history

Open all grepped files in vim

Count the number of files grepped with wc

Find files created or modified in the last days

Move (copy) files or folders printed by find

Count the number of files in a folder with wc

Display the amount of disk space available

Encrypt and decrypt a directory with a symmetric cipher using a passphrase with gpgtar

Copy a command from the shell history to a file

Copy a command from the shell history to the clipboard

Merge pdf files freely without installing another programme

Convert a pdf to a text file from the command line

Search multiple files for an expression (e.g. a keyword) with grep

Create, edit and delete git alias

Commands and shortcuts I use in the shell (the terminal)

You don’t need a new app for your Zettelkasten

Show local time for a given time and date of a different time zone

Find out what takes up disk space on your drive

Combine (squash) git commits together

Generate a table of contents on a pdf document compiled with Pandoc

Increase the font size of a pdf document compiled with Pandoc

Add today’s date automatically when converting a Markdown file to pdf with Pandoc

Show word count with Pandoc and a lua script

Show paragraph count on pdf document compiled with Pandoc

Rename multiple files from the command line

Copy, move or delete recently modified or downloaded files

Find files or directories from the command-line with find

You don’t need a new app to run a tagging system on your files: use the programme grep

Replace all occurences of a word in one or many files from the command line with sed

Spellcheck a file in the shell (terminal)

Compare files, “accept/reject” (like in Word) and merge changes, with diff and patch

Show word count of a text file from the command line with wc or pandoc & lua

A vim script to mark folds on Markdown headers by default

Change vim color scheme

A guide to simple and stupid usage of computers for writers (anyone who writes really)

Start using vim

Start using (the programme) “less” to display files

Start using Markdown

Start using git to keep track of file versioning

Start using Pandoc

Set Vim as the default text editor for Mutt

Show word count in vim

Start using the command-line interface (cli)

Justify or right-align text in Markdown using HTML

Copy the content of a file to the clipboard from the command line

Change the expiration date (time) of a gpg subkey

Download mp3 files from a webpage with wget

Show the time of other time zones from the command line

Restore your data from backup with the programme Back in Time

Back up your computer (/home) on an external drive with the programme Back in Time

Make Pandoc file conversion faster

A roadmap to reclaiming my attention and time

Add a forgotten file to the last commit

Edit the message of the last commit

Add newly made modifications to the last commit

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