March 11, 2024

Downloads all your emails from ProtonMail with mbsync

That is the configuration I used:

IMAPAccount username
Port 1143
User your_email_address
SSLType None
AuthMechs LOGIN

IMAPStore username-remote
Account username
MaildirStore username-local
SubFolders Verbatim
Path ~/Mail/username/ # the trailing "/" matters
Inbox ~/Mail/username/INBOX
Flatten . 
Channel username
Master :username-remote:
Slave :username-local:
SyncState *
Sync All 
Patterns * ![Protonmail]*
Create Both
Expunge Both

$ mbsync will prompt you to enter your mailbox’s password with this configuration.

Once you have all your emails locally, you can use Notmuch to search through, and Mutt to display the results. Feel free to contact me if you have questions on how to set this up (

Note: you need to setup Proton’s Bridge first.


I do self-funded research and I'm writing a book.

> What's the book about?

About technologies and agency.

Meaning, technologies can foster agency. No doubt. But I am also asking:

Can usage of technologies give us a sense of empowerment while in fact undermining our abilities?

I posted a summary of the prologue on the homepage:


personal computing command-line interface (cli) gnu linux trisquel shell literacy office applications wiki protonmail

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