May 29, 2024

Turn a pad into a website

You can turn a pad (e.g. Google Doc, Cryptpad) into a website.

You don’t need to code.

You won’t use any proprietary software or SaaS.

You will only use tools which are freely distributed and copyleft-licensed.

The website will be hosted on the servers of a non-profit, Codeberg e.V..

How to publish your own webpage

  • create a user account on
  • fork the repository:
  • create a pad on an instance of CryptPad
  • once the pad is created, click on Share, then click on the tab titled Link, then tick the box named Embed mode, then click the button COPY LINK
  • back on your fork, select the file index.html
  • click Edit file on the top right
  • update the URL of the attribute src (in between quotes) in the iframe tag with the link you copied (the link of your pad)
  • scroll down
  • click on the button Commit change
  • click on the button Visit Page at the top of the repository

A webpage with the pad you created should be displayed.

You can update the newly created pad in original link.

If you have questions, create an issue:


The template looks like this:

You can edit this webpage there:


  • You can add pages to your website by using the script to turn a Markdown file into an HTML file.
  • You can edit the css file style.css to your own taste
  • You can try to embed any other type of documents CryptPad offers: a spreadsheet, a kanban, a form, a diagram, slides, etc.


This programme is released under license GNU AGPL version 3 or later.

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