To contact me, email me at:


That is the fingerprint of my GPG key pair:

2E0F FB60 7FEF 11D0 FB45 4DDC E979 E52A 7036 7A88

To import my GPG key to your keyring run:

$ sudo apt-get install curl # install curl 
$ curl -sf | gpg --import # download and import key to your keyring

If you don’t have a GPG key, and want to get one, run:

$ sudo apt-get install gpg # download GnuPG
$ gpg --full-generate-key # start the dialogue interface to generate a key pair

Then follow instructions from your email client (the app you use to send email) to set up PGP.

Plain text

I prefer receiving emails in plain text (not HTML).

You can find instructions on how to choose to write plain text email with your email client there:

Email subjects

I prefer to receive multiple emails with each a subject that matchs the content of the email, rather than one large email with discussing multiple threads. It makes replying and following converstions easier.

If our email conversation splits, feel free to break down one email thread into two.

If the conversation of an email thread diverges from the initial topic, feel free to update the subject. For example, if the subject of the beginning of the thread was RE: subject one, then you can prepend it with the new subject new subject RE: subject one. It makes it easier to search through email archives.

Posting style

I prefer the bottom-posting convention, i.e. replies go below, at the bottom of the thread. Most email clients force users into following the top-posting convention.

What is top-posting?1

A3: Please.
Q3: Should I avoid top posting [...]?

A2: Because, by reversing the order of a 
    conversation, it leaves the reader without 
    much context, and makes them read a message 
    in an unnatural order.
Q2: Why is top posting irritating?

A1: It is the practice of putting your reply to 
    a message before the quoted message, instead 
    of after the (trimmed) message.
Q1: What is top posting?

Choose an email client which support bottom-posting: By the way, Apple Mail, Outlook, and the webapps of Gmail and Protonmail do not support bottom-posting as of 2023.

  1. source: Werner Koch’s personal website↩︎

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GPG fingerprint: 2E0F FB60 7FEF 11D0 FB45 4DDC E979 E52A 7036 7A88