Entries tagged text processing

Indent multiple lines in Vim

Append text at the end of a line with Sed

Grep multiple patterns (words) occuring at the beginning of a line

Grep multiple patterns

Multiply field’s (column’s) entries and sum them up with awk

Sum values per group (of a text/data file) from the command line with Datamash

You don’t need new apps (or to search the web) to get things done

Prepend multiple files with a pattern with the command line

Uncomment a line with sed (i.e. delete #)

Justify text in Vim

Exclude files and directories when listing with ls

Show lines below and/or above a match with grep

Convert a pdf to a text file from the command line

Search multiple files for an expression (e.g. a keyword) with grep

Commands and shortcuts I use the most in the Shell (the Terminal)

You don’t need a new app for your Zettelkasten

Generate a table of contents on a pdf document compiled with Pandoc

Increase the font size of a pdf document compiled with Pandoc

Add today’s date automatically when converting a Markdown file to pdf with Pandoc

Show word count with Pandoc and a lua script

Show paragraph count on pdf document compiled with Pandoc

Rename multiple files from the command line

Find files or directories from the command-line with find

You don’t need a new app to run a tagging system on your files: use the programme grep

Replace all occurences of a word in one or many files from the command line with sed

Spellcheck a file in the shell (terminal)

Compare files, “accept/reject” (like in Word) and merge changes, with diff and patch

Show word count of a text file from the command line with wc or pandoc & lua

A guide to simple and stupid usage of computers for writers (anyone who writes really)

Start using vim

Start using (the programme) “less” to display files

Start using Pandoc

Start using git to keep track of file versioning

Show word count in vim

Make Pandoc file conversion faster

Convert an HTML webpage into an EPUB file with Pandoc

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