January 21, 2024

Port (computer networking) cheatsheet

22  Secure Shell (SSH)
23  Telnet
25  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email delivery 
53  Domain Name System
80  Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
110 POP3
143 Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
194 Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
443 HTTP Secure (HTTPS) HTTP over TLS/SSL 
465 SMTP? deprecated https://wikiless.org/wiki/Simple_Mail_Transfer_Protocol?lang=en
587 SMTP submission
993 Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)/TLS or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)S
995 POP3S


I do self-funded research and I'm writing a book.

> What's the book about?

About technologies and agency.

Meaning, technologies can foster agency. No doubt. But I am also asking:

Can usage of technologies give us a sense of empowerment while in fact undermining our abilities?

I posted a summary of the prologue on the homepage: https://yctct.com/


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