August 4, 2022

Resources to get started with vim

Below are a few suggestions of resources to get started learning vim; you can follow these as a path to gradually learn how to use vim from beginner level to a point where you should be able to rely on vim as your default text editor.

Start with vim tutorial. Open a terminal and run $ vimtutor;

You can also read the very short blog of vim creator, Bram Moolenaar, to get an idea of how to think about using vim:

Next step is to start using vim and learn on the go by running :h <keyword> to search for <keyword> in vim manual (run :q to close the manual).

You can also find a book you like which discuss vim. There are many on z library for instance.1

And, in your terminal, you can run $ man vim to access a list of commands to run with $ vim.

  1. I found no book discussing vim under Free Documentation licence, thus which I can suggest.↩︎

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