June 18, 2020

Privacy, Libre & no alternatives to Google

Below is a list of privacy-friendly, libre and no alternatives to Google.

I tend to replace existing software by Free Software when I find one - or no alternatives.

Google Alternatives
Google Chrome Tor
Google Search MetaGer
Google Maps Openstreetmap
Google Analytics None
Google Chrome Passwords KeepassXC
Google Sheets EtheCal
LibreOffice (use locally)
Google Docs Etherpad
LibreOffice (use locally)
Google Translate LibreTranslate
Google News A RSS reader
Google Messages Element (Matrix protocol)
Google Mail ProtonMail
Google Photos Simple .jpg files stored locally
Google Keep Simple text files stores locally
YouTube youtube-dl
Google Blogger Gohugo
Google DNS -
Google Drive NextCloud
Google Meet an instance of Jitsi
Google Voice an instance of Jitsi
Google Scholar arXiv, sci-hub
Google Contacts See email alternatives
Google Calendars NextCloud
Google Groups Discourse
Google Ads Ethical ads
Google Alerts None
Google Slides LibreOffice
Google Flights -
Google Finance -
Google Weather $ curl wttr.in/[your-city]
Google Forms NextCloud
Google Store see Replicant OS

Hey, I’m writing a book to explain the nature of our relation with tech platforms” (e.g. Facebook, Google), and the impact our usage of platforms has on our autonomy, individuality, desire, and intimacy.

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